Wednesday, November 24, 2010

West Kelowna Realtor Karen Guy ~ Tips on Planning a Home Office

Planning Your Home Office

Technology is quickly changing our everyday lives, and if you’re like me, you want to use it to your best advantage, no matter what the time of day. For some people, that may also mean making a few changes to your home environment. More and more homeowners I talk to are converting their sewing room, games room or den into a home office.

If you’re thinking of creating a home office, a good place to start is making a list of needs that you want your home office environment to fulfill. Make sure that you consider possible future uses as well as just your immediate needs. Prepare a budget and include both the cost of equipment and any installation costs. Don’t forget to consider an extra phone line, and high-speed internet installation or wireless service costs. You should also determine whether any additional power outlets or lighting will be needed to accommodate your room’s new purpose. If you need electrical work done, factor this into your budget.

Your equipment cost is one area where you probably won’t want to skimp. With today’s rapidly-advancing technology, you may find that if you only go with a minimal set-up, your equipment could quickly become inadequate to handle your future needs. If you need to cut back on your budget, you will probably be better served by ‘getting creative’ with furniture or decorating costs. I’ll be giving you some tips about this in my next newsletter.

If you’re considering a home office, remember that when the time comes to sell, prospective buyers generally find a home office a welcome and attractive feature. And if you’re looking for more ideas to make your home more saleable, or you’re wondering what’s in demand for today’s homes, just give me a call. As your local Coldwell Banker sales professional, I can advise you about what’s hot and what’s not in our market, and how various improvements may affect the resale value of your home. Let’s talk.

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