Saturday, July 23, 2011

Karen Guy, REALTOR® ~ My mother was right!

and yours was too! ~ did your mother ever tell you to never leave the house without your "face" on, and clean underwear??  LOL.  Well, today as my son woke me up to drive him to work at 6.30 am I  might add (yuck) I literally got out of bed and grabbed the car keys and left the house.  Not even a quick check in the mirror!

Little did we expect to come across two motorcyclists at the bottom of Westside road, obviously one of them had taken a good bail.  He had slipped on some gravel and laid the bike down.  It must have just happened.  We drove by slowly and asked if they needed help but they said they were ok.

On my way back down the hill from taking Dylan to his ride for work, I stopped and asked if I could do anything at all (I had a first aid kit in my car) and if the one guy wanted to sit down. So, here's me still in my PJ's - no make-up, no hair done... trying to figure out how to help these guys. 

I didn't even have a bottle of water to offer him (yea I know what your thinking....I ALWAYS have water)  I felt so bad.  The guy was hurt, but nothing life threatening and the fire truck was just coming as I pulled away.

I sure you are ok buddy! 

That's my excitement for a Saturday.  I won't be leaving the house again with my PJ's on that's for sure.

I am the GUY that will make a difference!

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