Thursday, March 17, 2011

Karen Guy, REALTOR® ~ You`ve Sold Your House, Now for the Home Inspection

You have sold your home, and now all that remains is the Home Inspection to be completed.

There are a few things you as a homeowner can do in advance to facilitate this process and ensure that your home gets a proper and complete assessment of its condition:

• De-clutter storage under sinks to allow inspection of the plumbing in these areas

• Provide clear access to any and all hatches to the roof or attic spaces. (These are usually located in an upstairs hallway, or sometimes in the top of a closet or walk in closet or the garage)

• Provide clear access to hatches or doors to the crawlspace or cellar

• Clear the area immediately in front of any Electrical Distribution (Breaker) Panels or Sub Panels

• Clear the area directly in front of and around your furnace and hot water tank

• Clear the area around the Main Water Shut Off (Sometimes concealed from view under stairs or in finished basements)

• Make sure any burned out light bulbs have been replaced

While many home inspectors will deal with or work around a few small items, they should not be expected to move furniture and your personal effects to be able to complete their work, and doing so is not part of the scope of a home inspection.

It is important to remember, if an Inspector cannot access an important area of your home, the potential buyer will receive an incomplete report that will make note of this and may slow down, or otherwise impair the completion of your sale, particularly if they have to ask you to provide access later and re-schedule a further inspection visit before “signing off” on their conditions. This just delays the process for everyone, adds costs, and also adds yet another level of stress to an already stressful time.

The simple steps outlined above can eliminate this entirely and will certainly assist in making your sale progress smoothly.

I trust you will find this information of value, and encourage you to circulate it amongst your colleagues, and feel free to distribute the attachment to your clients as well.

Karen Guy, REALTOR®

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